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What is Pydio Cells?

Does your organization have complex compliance and security issues? Are SaaS solutions out of the question for you? Pydio Cells gives you full control of your document sharing environment – combining fast performance, huge file transfer sizes, granular security, and advanced workflow automations in an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-support self-hosted platform.

Features at a glance

Pydio Cells is an open-core, self-hosted Document Sharing and Collaboration platform (DSC) specifically designed for organizations that need advanced document sharing and collaboration without security trade-offs or compliance issues.

  • Designed for Teams

    In today’s work-from-home world, document sharing and collaboration are at the very core of your teams’ workday. You absolutely need a platform that enables your teams to harness their ideas and creativity, not something that creates roadblocks and holds them back.

  • Secured for Organizations

    Your teams need the right tools to work effectively. But those tools can’t put the organization’s security at risk. Enterprise SaaS solutions put someone else in control of your data. Fully self-hosted and private/hybrid cloud-ready, Pydio Cells provides the seamless sharing & collaboration your teams need without security or compliance trade-offs.

  • Optimized for IT

    Deploying, rolling out, supporting, and maintaining - from start to finish self-hosted software can be a pain compared to SaaS. At Pydio, we do things differently. Pydio is enterprise software that can be deployed in a matter of hours. Configured in a matter of days and then rolled out to end-users without specialized training or support.

  • Go with the Flows

    Supercharge your Pydio Cells with Flows’ custom automations. Streamline Workflows / Integrate with Other Systems / Strengthen Security Posture … and more There are lots of great document-sharing and collaboration solutions, but if you need to self-host and have enterprise-level requirements for scalability, security, flexibility and automation, Pydio Cells with Cells Flows is your best choice.

  • On-Premises online storage for Legal Services

    In legal services, you may not only have to comply with general data privacy rules from around the world, including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and POPI; you may also need to provably ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive client data.

  • Self-hosting online storage for Media & Communication agencies

    Share documents and collaborate with your teams, clients and subcontractors using your own branded platform. Your business is project-oriented. You need to share and validate documents, graphics, and media files almost every minute of every day.

  • Document collaboration for Retail

    Make it easy for central headquarters to collaborate with distribution, local shops, suppliers, and subcontractors. Instantly share files across all locations to smooth out workflows with your sales points.

  • On-Premises online storage for Education & Academic Institutions

    Your student and staff data is sensitive and confidential, you need a solution that allows you to share documents and collaborate effectively and securely.

About Edition

There are three editions of Pydio Cells. The following features are available depending on the edition.

Function Cells HOME Cells Connect Cells Enterprise
Storage: FileSystem, S3-compatible
Powerful sharing features
Embedded users directory
Online preview of documents
Rest API, SDKs, WebDAV
Mobile and desktop Sync
Pre-built binaries
AD/LDAP directories support
SSO via OpenIDConnect / OAuth2
SSO via SAML / Azure ADFS
Cells as an OAuth2 Identity Provider
White-labelling (customizable branding)
Pre-built binaries for linux / mac
Supported cloud images : OVF, VMWare, Amazon AMI
Role-based and rule-based Access Control
Multi Factor Authentication
Terms of Service validation
Exportable audit logs (csv/xlsx)
Audit all shares in real-time
FS, S3, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob support
Custom versioning policies
Storage usage overview
Data sharding
Quick Send interface (similar to we transfer)
Images/videos annotations
Advanced UX branding + custom email templates
[Optional] OnlyOffice support

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