Use case

  • Virtual Desktop Client for Manufacturing

    In the manufacturing industry, highly confidential design data and applications such as CAD/CAM are often handled, so ensuring security is important. Virtual desktops do not store applications or data on the user’s device, reducing the risk of malware or virus infection.

  • On-Premises online storage for Legal Services

    In legal services, you may not only have to comply with general data privacy rules from around the world, including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and POPI; you may also need to provably ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive client data.

  • Self-hosting online storage for Media & Communication agencies

    Share documents and collaborate with your teams, clients and subcontractors using your own branded platform. Your business is project-oriented. You need to share and validate documents, graphics, and media files almost every minute of every day.

  • Document collaboration for Retail

    Make it easy for central headquarters to collaborate with distribution, local shops, suppliers, and subcontractors. Instantly share files across all locations to smooth out workflows with your sales points.

  • On-Premises online storage for Education & Academic Institutions

    Your student and staff data is sensitive and confidential, you need a solution that allows you to share documents and collaborate effectively and securely.

  • On-Premises document collaboration for Government & Public Sector

    Use Pydio as your cross-department and inter-agency file-sharing platform. You are a government agency and you need to collaborate and share internally but also with other departments and agencies, partners, subcontractors, stakeholders, and the public.

  • Document collaboration for Healthcare

    Healthcare organizations need to centralize, secure, and manage patient data (test results, radiography images, lab protocols, etc…). With Pydio you can directly upload data from your medical devices and create automated workflows for posting and exchanging that data.

  • Document collaboration for Construction Industry & Manufacturing Architecture

    In your business, you need to exchange and collaborate on huge CAD files and manage piles of documents (field reports, specifications, RFIs, RFPs, etc..).

Recently News

  • 2023-09-21

    Inuvika Releases OVD Enterprise 3.3

    Inuvika released OVD Enterprise 3.3, featuring a host of new features making this their biggest release to date.

  • 2023-05-30

    Inuvika Issues OVD Enterprise 3.2.2 Maintenance Release

    The OVD Enterprise 3.2.2 Maintenance Release is now available. This maintenance update includes a number of important fixes for OVD Enterprise 3.2.

  • 2023-01-17

    Inuvika Releases OVD Enterprise 3.2

    Inuvika released OVD Enterprise 3.2, featuring a host of new features designed to improve performance and security with improved video compression, better third-party authentication support, and more second-factor options to choose from.

  • 2022-11-06

    Certified as an SME Supporter by METI related Laws of the Japanese Government

    This is a system established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Small and Medium Enterprise Agency to certify IT vendors, etc. that provide IT tools to increase the productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises as “information processing support organizations.”